How Entrance Mats Can Help Improve Indoor Air QualityHow Entrance Mats Can Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that effective entrance matting can greatly enhance indoor air quality in facilities? That’s a significant benefit!

Effective entrance matting not only prevents dirt and moisture from entering your building, but it can also help reduce dust and germs that gather inside, keeping the facility cleaner and healthier for everyone! This way, entrance matting plays an integral part in keeping facilities cleaner and healthier!
1. Reduces Dust and Dirt

Door mats offer many advantages to any household. One such advantage is protecting tile, carpet and wood flooring from unsightly dirt build-up that could pose health threats.

Entrance mats also reduce the amount of dust and dirt tracked into your home by visitors by collecting these particles before they enter the air, helping improve indoor air quality while protecting those with asthma, allergies or other respiratory sensitivities from respiratory issues.

Ultimate Mats are constructed with flexible, ultra-fine fibers that capture dust, debris and mud particles while also absorbing excess moisture quickly to help avoid mold or mildew growth.
2. Prevents Moisture from Entering

An entry mat of sufficient size can help protect against moisture causing permanent damage to your floors, particularly during heavy winter rainstorms or periods of heavy ice and snow accumulation. Heavy rainfall or accumulations of snow make keeping your home dry particularly challenging. Entrance mats are designed to withstand the elements, and come in various materials – many made of biodegradable and antimicrobial products for maximum health benefits. A quality doormat can protect floors against unsightly stains and bacteria to help save money on costly floor replacements while making life easier! They’re easy to install or remove – not to mention great for welcoming visitors and keeping family safe! There’s sure to be one perfect for every budget and taste; now’s the time to buy! You won’t regret making the purchase; your family will soon enjoy living in a healthy home environment!
3. Prevents Dirty Shoes from Entering

Dirty shoes can contribute significantly to poor indoor air quality. Their soles introduce contaminants onto carpets and floors that can easily enter your home via footwear.

Entrance mats provide an easy solution to this problem by encouraging visitors to wipe their shoes before entering your home, thus preventing dirt and debris from getting onto carpets or flooring surfaces.

Studies conducted at hospitals’ burn units demonstrated that sticky mats outside removed 56% of pathogens from people’s shoes.

Entrance mats are an effective way of encouraging healthy indoor air quality, making them the ideal addition for any home or business looking to increase its overall indoor air quality.
4. Prevents Mud from Entering

Mud and dirt tracked into your home from outside can be an inconvenience, particularly during wet weather. Entrance mats can help reduce these elements entering through your doors by keeping these elements out.

Sandals also make an effective solution to dry off any excess water from shoes before it enters the home, helping reduce slips and falls caused when wet feet contact slippery floors like tile or wood surfaces.

As another effective way of keeping dirt out, consider providing your entrances with a suitable mudroom or area in the backyard – this will limit how much mud enters and improve indoor air quality simultaneously.

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